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Two Fish

Nice! Maybe on Navy? Other than that - solid concept, great execution.


ahahaha love it!! =0)


funny 4

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

very clever and funny.

Mountain Gnome

Super Idea, and very well executed! 5!

nes-k profile pic Artist

thanks for your comment
Of course i didn't want to promote ivory trade, never.
Sorry if it seems to... :/


nice! you guys are crazy, this isn't promoting ivory trade, come on.. My first thought was tooth fairy leaving a huge amount of money for the elephants huge 'tooth.' Also the elephant doesn't get the money in an ivory trade.

walmazan profile pic Alumni

I think is excellent! $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

What in the hell is the mouse gonna do with that thang? Nice to see you back with the ultimate in simplicity and awwww-shucksness.


"it's kinda promoting ivory trade"

you need a laugh


Aw man that's so cute! $5 for sure! I'd definitely buy it, but i'd like it more if it was not in asphalt. :)

I'm not sure about everyone's level of naivete, but i sure won't go out and harvest elephant tusks because i saw a cartoon mouse do it on a t-shirt.

For one, it'll be REALLY painful if the elephant hit me. Besides the nearest elephant is in the zoo. Haha ok kidding.

Heck, if i was that suggestable, i'd have already been really disturbed by the Tom and Jerry cartoons i watched as a kid. Lighten up people!


Haha, i hear mice are big players in the ivory trade too!

I love it, super cute!

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

Great cute design


Hahaha, cute and funny. 5


So cute i love it !


always enjoy your characters.
very nice!


Très bien Nesk : ils ne l'aiment pas sur LaFraise ? tu tentes ta chance ici, en espérant qu'ils soient moins obtus !


Ah ben non, finalement : ils pensent aussi que cela promeut le trafic d'ivoire... décidément !

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

hehe 5$

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

cool, seems like something threadless would dig, nice work


I think DrNoLove is a piss take, It makes it funnier that so many people are taking him seriously! This is a really sweet design.$4 from me.


I always love your designs!


It took me awhile to understand it. Maybe if you put fairy wings on the mouse it would be easier to get.


i like this one. I flipped through your portfolio. I think you should submit Tour Effeil fruitee.

it would make a great threadless.

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