Too much of a good thing

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Too much of a good thing by cronobeaker on Threadless
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cronobeaker profile pic Artist

Don't forget to eat in moderation;P

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

Great stuff man!

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

BAD = GOOD, great illustration! love it! 5


OOOH its so CUTE :D The cupcake in the bottom right is my favorite, that on a shirt on all its own would have me buying ten!!

$5 all the same, its great!


i love how the straw is going through a socket.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Socket straw! HA! This is really nicely done- great lines, colors, message...BUT the layout/composition could use work. I'd prefer a more random approach & all-over design with different sized treats. Think that'd look more interesting. 4

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

I'd like just one element big on the shirt but that's still nicely done.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

great concept and colors...I agree with mezo on placement/composition, but I will give this a 5 anyway.

Twiggyhall's the dark side of "Food With Faces..."


Skull candy is go!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I want a skull muffin RIGHT NOW!


I LOVE this! I think it expresses the feelings of many females suffering from cravings during pms. LOL! (seriously, though! Ya know, "evil doughnuts" and all...)
I would totally buy this as it is, but I would prefer to see it printed on a lighter color tee. Is there a light brown option? Or even on cream. I don't usually like the cream tees, but I think it would be best for this one.
In any case, $5 Definately. I WANT TO WEAR THIS!!! And even buy some for friends. :-)


Absolutely awesome. MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm Food

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