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kimkong1014 profile pic Artist

My new sub for YOUR FAV. TEE! The Anatomy of tom! Can't get enough of tom and Jerry so i made this design. I love watching it everyday and would love to wear this tee while watching. LOL. Hope you like this. Enjoy!


is it weird if i still find it cute? haha, $5!

Free_Bee profile pic Alumni

thats dedication!

zenbolic vision

amazing 5 and i lveo cats!!! 5 $$$

ibyes profile pic Alumni

Nice work.

I think to improve this you should use Toms actual silhouette. Also there is no need to highlight the jokes in the design in red, leave them in white and let the viewer discover them.

baumer5 profile pic Alumni

nice job


There's a mistake, 'Uretha' should 'Ureter'. Otherwise, nice design :)


I think that's cool, but it would be even cooler if it had Tom's actual silhouette so you can get it just by looking at it.. good luck.

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