Tommy the Subway Train

Design by proletarian

Tommy the Subway Train by proletarian on Threadless
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Ava Adore

nicely illustrated

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

totally, thomas kicks ass.


oh my god, this is one of the best shirts ive seen on this site, that and the fact i have been a hoooge thomas the tank engine fan since i was little. good work!!


yes!! i would buy it the way it is, but i agree that the cigarette should be bigger


haha he looks really pissed like he hates his job. 5&$


you've got a real good start - but you need to push the idea a little further.

he should look a little more jaded, older, and grumpier.

heavier/droopier eyelids, some dark circles under the eyes, bit more droop to the cheek, a little more of a smirk/sneer to the lip line, and a larger cigarette.

you still get a 4


yes yes yes...yes.

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