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Metallic silver ink on most colors, but I'd like something darker - a dark gray, indigo or black. Could also go dark brown flock on natural?

Bio-bot 9000
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yes this is awesome!

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Thanks guys!


cool stuff 5$


i love the artwork!

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lesquelette on Jan 19 '08
The space between the legs of the horse doesn't look quite right filled in like it is...

It's the upper quadricep (if that's what it's called on a horse??) from the side. I used a couple source photos to base it off of, so it's definitely correct. I hope I'm not coming off all defensive...just wanted to offer an explanation. Thanks for your comments!!


B4 I read kfhammond's and lesquelette's comments, I had the same thought about the leg spacing and the tail looking like spawn from the hairy privates...


this is cool, BUT, i think u should have put the horses tail on the other side. it lookslike some type of jellyfish "man part".

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

If this design was to be printed, I would offer the option of moving the tail to the other side. Forget symmetry, forget dynamics - no one wants to sport the first ever horse with "jelly 'man part.'"

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

correction - "jellyFISH 'man part'" - jelly man parts may go over just fine


lol at your correction!

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

Anybody that wants this shirt - it's available HERE RIGHT NOW. 24 HOURS ONLY.

to Threadless: this is the second time I've done this...BUT - I've linked back to and I pimp you guys over there all the time. Help a brotha out.

to Weagan12: thanks for spamming on my sub 7 months after it finished scoring.

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whoa - I mean - HERE

pretend that HERE sends you to: teefury (dot) com

but don't go there ever again after tomorrow (10/1)


I disagree...go there every night!

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

well - I agree with you...but I'm trying not to get bounced, yo. It really is a great site.

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