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i'm finding it hard to look at even in the larger version. the colors seem muddy.


it's a really well illustrated image, but why are there vertical lines?


sooooo we eat children? and ronald mcdonald, and mothers?


i love this shirt!

that said there are a few things that bug me about it.
nit-picky sure....

ronald's slicked back hair looks a little like he's "cleaned up for a family visit at the penitentiary".

along the front of the picnic blanket are what i am guessing is tufts of grass? first i thought they were small bunches 0f flames, i just don't think they are even needed at all.

the last is a question, why are there only sesame seeds under the park bench where ronald is sitting and not across the whole bun, if they aren't sesame seeds, what are they?

mezo profile pic Alumni

It doesn't look like you took a lot of care & time puttig this together. Everything is far too tiny to make out.

What IS the deal with the vertical lines slicing through your image anyways?

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