Toad Stool

Design by jillustration

Toad Stool by jillustration on Threadless
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i love this!


I like the chest placement


I love the red mushrooms err..toadstools but I don't like the brown/tan shirt. I'd like to see it on navy instead -it would make the greenish color of the toad and the red "Pop".

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

I dig the mushrooms!

Alex Tree

Wow, I like it!


wow looks great. nice detail

jillustration profile pic Artist

i do wish more people would comment on the critique section, this was over there for a while. however, shirt color isn't something that's very hard to change :)


absolutely love the design.
only crit i got is that i think the low-detail on the hat and in the smoke from the cup contradict the very high detail on the toad and the mushrooms.
kinda looks like you got the toad and the mushrooms from a source of some kind and then just added the cup/smoke and the hat.
would defenately kick-ass if it was consistent in the amount of details..
love both placements and love the design!

happy tofu

Love it! I agree with changing the shirt color. And I prefer the chest placement.

Hooray Monkey

Yea i like the mushrooms too! It looks so yummy! And the frog is cool with those skin texture!

ndstillie profile pic Alumni

wow im sorry i missed voting on this one. deserves a print

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