To spend? Or to give?

Design by KDLIG

To spend? Or to give? by KDLIG on Threadless
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it's either you go for your own pleasure or make the world happy, where does your coin go boy?



this looks ridiculously epic on blue. The way the boy sticks out at first glance and how the whole shape of this design towers over him is really neat. Great work as usual KD!


Blue works best, and the white hoody is great, too. The illo is immense as always. I just feel the sign, arrows and question marks kinda make the concept a little obvious.


It reminds me of public school walls, and I love it. Hahahhaaha love you bitch!

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haha, thanks shawtee, love you too byotch!!! hehe


it appears the lady is dropping all kinds of things
out of her dress for the kid to look at

it's hard to see the kid has a coin


i find it very disturbing that all of that stuff is up her skirt


the correct choice is obviously the hot babes bar


I think the signpost on the right is unnecessary to convey the meaning of the shirt, and doesn't help the composition either. Also, and this is just because I'm a big softy, I wish the boy appeared to be as least consideringdonating the coin....


Wonderful! I'd say keep the signs. And it looks awesome on the blue hoody $5

I don't really understand why there's a woman, at first I thought 'mother nature' but that didn't seem to fit with the theme.


love the design and the sentiment, although on closer inspection, he's a little young for a lot of the things on offer.

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I say spend, spend, spend... I mean, nice illustration!

Should be a man instead of a boy tho :)

Rachel Ray Gun

dude is that all coming out from her dress?

looks like she needs a TRIM down there...


i think the overall design is amazing
"spare some coin for the world" doesn't sound grammatically correct to me though
also, is that just a green background [under her skirt] or grass?


Hey come on now, he's a 10 year old boy living in America, wheres the dilema. Kdlig - If this wins, I won't buy the T but spend the money on a goat for someone in Africa.


Nice design btw.

Andrea V

very cool design! maybe the coin should stand out a little bit more. good luck in the competition. :)


Nice Design! I your work is great!


Disturbingly low score for this one.

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