To Know Good & Evil

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To Know Good & Evil by BasicShift on Threadless
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fc gravy

i'm feelin' the style. great stuff!


Could the text be moved to the sleeve (i.e. is that a technical possibility)? As is, it makes the graphic feel weirdly unbalanced to me. And if you're going for a cruciform kind of idea, that could be maintained by moving the banner higher. $5 in hopes of changes :)

BasicShift profile pic Artist

Those are a couple of great suggestions evilstan...

I have played with the placement of the banner and feel that since I'm merely invoking some symbolism here and not trying to be too forceful with interpretation I should opt for a stronger composition than more of a direct "cross" form. When I moved higher it created a bit too much tension around the face.

I love the idea of moving the text to a sleeve -- I didn't think that was an option but this is for threadless loves threadless so I guess any thing goes.

I created an updated version of the sub with that option though at my blog -- thanks again!

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

cool - original style basicshift!


i like the design, but i'm personally not a fan of the weathered look


This design is great, you would do it a lot more justice by taking out the weathered look.


Holy smokes.


theowlrulestheworld - MJ really isnt into boobs anymore - sorry you must have missed the memo

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

I hate to be the guy that says this, because I usually hate reading it on my subs, but the design would be stronger without the text. I love the color choices though, and the style is interesting.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Man, love it all- INCLUDING the text. It works because it's all hand drawn and helps to give the design a sturdy, yet interesting, base. I say KEEP IT!

The only thing I don't love so much is the lady's hair. It's too Japanime/video game where the rest of the art looks like it was hand screen printed/natural.

Effing stellar work overall though. And very different than what we typically see. 5


this is beautiful.

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