To breathe (or not to breathe)

Design by Jebs

To breathe (or not to breathe) by Jebs on Threadless
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Jebs profile pic Artist

...that is the question :-) Sadistic...again, me? yeaaaaahhhhh! i had real fun doing this one, anyway, hope you'll like it! I took the background from my "ambush" design, i admit ;-)


lose the 'shit' and i'm buyin'! awesome.


Nice one, I like that a bit more is going on in this one. Cool


yeah, it definitely doesn't need "shit". the bubbles and "sweat" coming off of the diver say it all. love it :)


Haha! I love it!


Yea, the 'shit' isn't neccesary. Maybe replace with a '!' or just get rid of it. Other than that, I give you a 4.


Get rid of the text but other than that a 5$


don't like the "shit" - subtlety is better, and that makes it too joke-y - - - i'd reposition the diver so he's bending backward (to look up), waving his hands in a "stop! don't do it!" way - to evoke the panic that is "shit" without having to write "shit"


I agree with using just a ! instead of "shit."


it's the same as your other one! its just like scooby doo where the background just keps getting recycled.


I also think it would be better without the text. The picture relays that information.

Jebs profile pic Artist

so THANKS everybody! ok, i listened to you all: here is a version WITHOUT the text: click here or you can see it on my threadless blog... anyway, thankk for your comments and your time, that's appreciated sooo much.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

'course that was done on teetonic.

yours is really well illustrated, and it's a clever idea, but the expletive really does need to go.

Jebs profile pic Artist

well...sea is sea, water is water, and fishes are fishes no? the comparison stops there, because i don't see other stuffs that are style, my scene, my point of view...ok, the colors are near. stop. ;-)

grayehound profile pic Alumni

I brought it up cuz I thought it'd been printed here. my bad. yours stands on its own very well.

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks you :-) i said that because, when we make a design, there are always a lot of persons that find out the design is a copy etc... and usually, that's just wrong. i know that you didn't say that, anyway thanks for your time, that's appreciated ;-)

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

yeh..another 5$

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks dude! you changed your nickname (poetic lover etc...)?


yea. The design is so telling and well done that you really don't need the text.


Yeah, as everyone has said.... Loose the $%*^ and I will buy


yeah, no shit, haha

i still gave it $5

Jebs profile pic Artist

ok ok ok, i made a version without the "shit", exclamation is also a good idea, but without text is perfect ;-) too bad on threadless, we can't update the design...if it was printed, i would leave the text ;-)


I think that you should replace the shit with bubbles. Since you can't talk under water.


I would DEFINITELY buy a wordless one.


Seeing as how you said if printed, you'd leave the text, no go from me, until a resubmit.

Jebs profile pic Artist

for the word, it could be "wtf" or "!!!" or "crap" or well, nothing :-) that's hard because everybody want something different...without the eyes and mouth is a tougher version...not sure that people would like it... thanks anyway!

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