To Boldly Le'go Where No One Has Le'gone Before

Design by Flying_Mouse

To Boldly Le'go Where No One Has Le'gone Before by Flying_Mouse on Threadless
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The Ending

amazing work! Love the grey on blue!

Silent K

I'd wear it Jay. And I hope to. 5 and buy.

Silent K

p to the s
Prefer it on grey.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

jayesgee - I am 30 and would wear this and I have never been to a trekkie convention - and I own a home so ... 5$ thats right 5$ one more time 5$ woohoo

dacat profile pic Alumni

You forget how many "old" people were secretly Trekkie's! $5

filak profile pic Alumni

Great $5


I totally love this design, especially because I had Legos when I was a kid, my mom was a Trekkie, and I made an Enterprise TOO!


May this design live long and prosper


i would totally buy it and i'm 18.

my mom watches star trek all the time. i've seen them all.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

holy shit. this has so much detail in it, it must have taken FOREVER.
I do wonder if all that detail would show up printed though. I think it might be tricky. The lines might need to be thickened up and then it might start to look messy. But I'm very impressed by the drawing.


Love it on the grey. $5

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

JayEsGee, I'm not understand what you mean that "different style", maybe is just a outline weight different make you feel that.

Do you do a marketing research that this shirt only can sell in the Trekkie convention?? If do, please show the proof .

And 1 thing I'm so currious is, I have submited about 40 designs here. But this is the first time you comment on my design, is it that bad to make you decide to comment for it?

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

One more thing is, a human got "life", but the object are not. They should have a different line weight. I believe that, most of the artists knew this.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Man, FM is intent on making the girl's chest he uses for nearly every one of his subs famous by the end of his millionth brilliant Threadless shirt run! I'm not a Star Trek fan, but would love to see this printed as it is yet again a fantastic idea drawn amazingly well.

JayEsGee, I don't know how many ways i could type to you that i think you are mistaken in your opinion on this shirt. My guess: about 43 different ways. The styles don't contrast to me...the legos are drawn in a realistic way and the lil' Spock has a touch of the ol' anime influence in its design, but nothing that clashes when you stick the two together. Would you be happier if Spock's skin was made up of thousands of different blocks...would that make you happier about the contrasting styles?

Is it me or can no one do a teal shirt justice with their designs like my boy Flying Mouse can? 4$

staffell profile pic Alumni

it would be much better without the vulcan kid on it

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

fantastic 5$

mezo profile pic Alumni

Glad you changed that foot! This is such a great concept and brilliant execution. It is so good that I am 5$ing it even though I loathe anything Star Trek related. Congratulations!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

DaleEdwin - Why would they have problems with the legos if they can print complicated halftones, hatch work and OMGNOWAY -

Luke... profile pic Alumni

another quality best on subtle colors, the bright color version just doesnt work with the fine linework, in my opinion.






i actually would like this better if there was no person, just the lego ship. also, i feel compelled to point out that spock was half human (if that's who this is supposed to be), so it isn't inconceivable that he would have legos.

.onion profile pic Alumni

I REALLY like your style. Just not this design in particular.


hahahahahahahahahaha. it awesome just not for me. but still a 5.


Absolutely fantastic on gray!

Forget the blue!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

way to go flying mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dacat profile pic Alumni

Wahoo, congrats FM!

Jemae profile pic Alumni


FM, do you remember someone said this to you?......

"Good luck! I think you will get high score for this!" =)

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