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The Ending

ninja! Pretty sween stuff here

The Ending

its also pretty "sweet" lol


brittencore fires three bullets, with authority!

What is the guy lugging around? Is it a jacked up guitar case?


That's pretty damn cool.

professorE - it's a matador, and he's holding the cape and dodging the bombs as if they're a bull.

Makes me think of the bombing of Spain by Hitler's airforce. Nice.

Lose the wee logo though.


Ah! I see it now....

Peters not economically viable

I like the idea and most of the drawing but had no idea what it was he was holding until I read some of the other comments.


Yeah - not sure about the Catalonian flag either. Why is it included?

I know the Basque Country was bombed heavily during the Civil War and WWII, so I guess maybe so was Catalonia.

My history is a bit rubbish though.

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