Tired of this battle

Design by harpo25

Tired of this battle by harpo25 on Threadless
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good stuff

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I love this Harpo. The sketchiness and the expression with the word bubble makes a perfect tee whose meaning can be taken in so many different ways. The realistic blood coupled with the rest of design make this an instant 5$.

I mean, who ISN'T tired of fighting certain battles, say, to be printed? lol.


I really like this, but the shadow is bothering me. It kinda looks like a tentacly moster attached to his butt, due to the way it tapers off towards the bottom.


i really like this

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

cool style man

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

sweeet - killer product picture too - 5$

bsweber profile pic Alumni

nice one harpo! $5

do you own the sword in that photo?

herky profile pic Alumni

love the sketchiness and style of the illustration, you look pretty menacing as well harpo with that sword.

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