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I don't see how that's cool.

cintrao profile pic Artist

I see that Narciso as issues, let's hope he gets better!
I'm sorry that all, you, Narciso ( such an apropriate name ) could see in the 'beauty in the beast' tee was the prostitute's masturbation, but then again it's what that tee design is all about, I'm glad it made you have this outburst showing your beast inside. To me it means it made you move your brain a little..
Wish your designs gave me that same spark too, .. but they don't, political, artistical or otherwize...not even a so so concept comes out in your stuff, sorry, but don't give up! My opinion it's not important and you know that, and you believe that, and I bet all your friends will tell you the same thing, so, relax, have fun..
As for charlie brown.. Man, that was low! Don't tell anyone to ditch something as cool as the Charlie Brown color scheme! Ah AH! Are you for real?

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