Times New Giraffe

Design by Sysgal

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I agree. It's a cool design, but it needs a purpose.


OMG. i just love it. giraffes made out of letters.. :) no. none of you matter. i want this shirt.

ilovegravy profile pic Alumni

I think this is a very clever idea! :D perhaps it's because I haven't been to the zoo lately, but I think it looks like a giraffe! and I don't mind the use of times new roman either (I think "Times New Giraffe" is a hilarious title, btw), and I also don't mind that there's not much of a "meaning" either... the only thing I want to comment on, is the colors :/ I think with that color shirt, a white or light grey would look nicer (instead of the bright blue)

But ah, that's just my opinion :) Like I said, other than that, very nice!!


cool idea, yes try other fonts...you will be the first, always remembered as, tho' one must wonder how many pirate and giraffe shirts will come from the peanut gallery now....

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