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Joelnz profile pic Alumni

pretty cool

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

this is super cool, welldone on the concept and illustration!!!


$5 i dunno why but i just love it. great job



OOH_OOH profile pic Alumni

Beautiful detail.

Hi my name is

Wow nice illustration, I wouldn't wear this, but very nice.


I like the illustrations separately, but the three different styles make it disjointed. Also, the middle one looks a little too much like a photoshop filter.


i third idiophonebox. one style would have made this killer.

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

absolutely amazing! :)



Nice detail on the design, congrats on your first print as well

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

I agree, Im not too sold on this. It looks like filters and a cleaned up livetrace from a photo. Kinda reminds me of an artsy wedding invitation.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Is this actually even drawn? The one on the left looks drawn but the other two look like photo filters. And the three styles sort of clash. I'd much prefer the left one all by itself on a tshirt.

mezo profile pic Alumni

You are a very good artist. Nice handling of the borders- very nouveau. However, i don't much care for the 2nd & 3rd panel. The 2nd one feels too stiff & the third, too "today"- even though that was probably your intention, I think it could have been pushed to a more modern imagry. It's the 1st panel that is extra special. I think it'd be great blown up and alone on the shirt. With the canoe pushing outside of the border. It'd make for a really nice romantic shirt. 4

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I'm still waiting for Kojima and huebucket to type praise comments on this "girl"'s design.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I like the presentation loads, and the first and third panels a lot, but like many others have said, the second one feels like a real photo photoshopped into the shirt, which is a pretty impressive feat actually to have drawn an image that makes us think it's an altered real photo! something else or just the two edges on the tee would make great romantic bookends to a century spanning story.


past lives?? interesting idea... I like it.. I may not wear it but I like the images

grayehound profile pic Alumni

everyone has pretty much summed up th issues with this design. if this were done all in one style, we'd accept it more readily. as is it's an uninspired concept done really well. it's pretty obvious that if you keep putting this much skill and effort into your work here you're gonna get printed.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

amazing job - masterful 5

jimmytan profile pic Alumni

^^ this is my 1st design collaboration with 'madelynlove'.
i like it the final outcome.
thanks invited.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

t4sh4/kojima is commenting on madelynlove's/kojima's/huebucket's design.

kojima, please settle down with one account.


Too much for one shirt.
I'd like to see the illustration on the right all by itself. The hilarious phallic reference with the 'romance style book cover type image'. By the way, doesn't that look like Lindsay Lohan?


I agree with a lot of the above comments. I feel this would be better either done in one illustration style or just one of the panels. That said, your concept and execution is outstanding, I just think you should resubmit and make this the best illustration it can be.


the style is amazing!

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Nice work, I'd totally buy it if there was one more section with the couple naked on the moon!


I like the first and last box, but the middle kinda looks like an edited photo. I like how the trains and stuff are in the sky in that one tho. Either way, you get a 5 in my book

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Yes I'm jealous, rolling.

That's why I plan to submit a design in collaboration with my 43 fake accounts.


Is it just me, or do the astronaut and his girlfriend look like Nick and Jessica? :p. Nice shirt though, 5.


This is really nice!
I love the illustrations!
My favorite is the middle one. ( think they should do this as a select or something.. and different people get different couple on their shirts.. ) like the home sweet home bird color design.

Anyways... $5 !

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Ahaha! Busted!

@kojima, you helped t4sh4, huh? When your so-called new-found style even HAVE THE SAME LINEART / DRAWING EXECUTION AS HERS?

- Weeping Willow
- She Giveth, She Taketh
- Believe in Your Wishes
- Serenity
- Northern Ice Pilot

Maybe you've helped "yourself" on that one :D

"She helped me with my designs, I helped her with her presentation"

- Yeah right. Tell that to the tourists. Lamest alibi ever.

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