Time Tree

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Time Tree by Dr490n on Threadless
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Like the concept and the crispness of the lines, and I'm always pro- incorporating the design onto both sides of the shirt, but white is a bit of a "meh" background colour here. If it didn't have the grass, it could work in a sort of "outside-of-reality-and-dimensions" context, but that ground also sortof grounds it in reality. But I'm rambling; nice design.

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Nice dude, it's finaly up! Great first design, and the leaf on the back was a nice touch :)


I really think this would be interesting on a green tee (a green that is different than the grass or leaves).


I like the clean look of the design! I too think it would look good on a green colored tee!


hurray trees ; long live trees ,,, nice maybe we could have put small leaves inside the hourglass trickling down ...
and yes the t color ...

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