Time Marches On

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Time Marches On by TerryMakesStuff on Threadless
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TerryMakesStuff profile pic Artist

Inspired by a couple interesting things I'm learning in Art History. Among them, the recurring theme of past civilizations defacing images of rulers, gods, idols, etc, most typically by knocking off the nose, as a way of diminishing their power over them.

And of course if there was any gold or other precious metals attached they'd be sure to grab that too :]

Works well on white or black. 4-5 colors, gold foil used for the fading gilded specks. Also not bad as a V-Neck

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Really sweet tiny crumbled details and discolorations here, cool history lessons as well...would love some slightly bigger chunks taken off here and/or there, but overall awesome stuff that's a good looker on the tee.

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Very cool.


great style !


good work!


That's Great!! Love It!!!

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