Time Is Running Out

Design by slaterock

Time Is Running Out by slaterock on Threadless
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slaterock profile pic Artist

This is a drawing in which I just let my mind and pencil wander freely across the page. Very often, this is how most of my submissions here on Threadless begin, with me then grabbing an element from the piece, refining it and bringing it to completion. The print process for this would be either simulated process, or perhaps breaking it down into just a few greyscale inks. I hope you enjoy!

pilihp profile pic Alumni

cool robot!


thats pretty funky- i like it


great drawing!!! wow.

abeadle profile pic Alumni

looks great on the tee!

mezo profile pic Alumni

You make good pencil drawings. Not sure if it works as a t-design, though.


I like this, very cool =)

JW profile pic Alumni

great technique, the pencil and sharpener are a nice touch. 5


Please sir, all that I humbly request is that you make a plaster cast of your hand holding a pencil. Then you can sign it and it can go up on my mantle where is can be adored by my extended family during Thanksgiving.

5$$5 :) 5 :)

outline profile pic Alumni

i don't think it needs 5 more days...printy print print

the czar


mike bautista
mike bautista profile pic Alumni

the two shadow mask guys on the left remind me of that guy in Spirited Away.
the guy in the middle reminds me of the guy in Cowboy Bebop.
and the guy on the right looks like Iron Monger and the kid from Full Metal Alchemist had a baby.


beautiful illo!


Tight skills $5

dschwen profile pic Alumni

Wow, amazing work, love this!


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