Time for an oil change

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Time for an oil change by cronobeaker on Threadless
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cronobeaker profile pic Artist

Make sure you get a check up every 5000 miles!

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Nice idea. But the perspective of the design is at top view. So it might be ruined on a real shirt.

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and details


The perspective problem might just be the way it appears as transferred to the shirt drawing, it doesn't quite match the body curve in the drawing, but if you look at the illustration itself straight on, it is not too bad for "what it is."

EZFL profile pic Alumni

i think you could lose the door all together. its not really all that important.

maybe add another opening on the side or back of the shirt. so you will have a few areas exposing your inner mechanics.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

i would def go back to the drawing board, change and improve a few things, and resubmit.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

haha, great concept...XIV makes some superb suggestions

cronobeaker profile pic Artist

Thanks for the helpful crit guys:) I'll see how this one goes and then start on version 2:)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

the door makes the whole idea that much more clever and atypical of the usual "hey, look what im REALLY made of!" shirt ideas. I think the door just looks off from the positioning on the shirt model...I'd make the hole and door swinging open just abit more in the middle and you have a 4$ winner on your hands...


I agree, no need for a door. I really like your concept and would be happy to wear it. :D

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