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'Til Death Do Us Part

Design by ivejustquitsmoking

'Til Death Do Us Part by ivejustquitsmoking on Threadless
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ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Artist

More like 'death and sex', necrophilia yum yum

No specialty inks or print method requirements. I think it'll look good on other 'dead' colors like sand, silver and heather grays.

And no sir, not my own true story, sir.

courtney pie

guess he won't be needing any Viagra

cameron kim jones

Quite cool but I wouldn't be caught wearing it.

Pun intended.


I like the perspective, but probs wouldn't wear it.


i like it but i think the placement needs to be at the bottom

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

cameron kim jones on Jul 11 '08
Quite cool but I wouldn't be caught wearing it.

Pun intended.

You have written no pun there.


I think the pun possibly comes from the fact the saying is "I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it" ...but since they omitted it... it's somehow a pun?

I'd think it'd be more of a pun if they left it in, but, ya know, who am I to say?


oh yeah, I also quite like the idea... suits my twisted sense of humor. :)


love, love it! i like the dark humor! this shirt will suit me. hahaha!

cameron kim jones

I meant "wouldn't be caught dead in it".

Ah forget it.


=D Love the XOXO on the tag.


ha ha :) 4 !
but i wouldn't wear it..


haha oh jeeze I to thought they were both dead....sicko


I really like this kind if humor ! I want it !

Funny :-)

ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Artist

re theporkman:
hey thanks for the enlightenment there :) but i really wanted to keep the word 'do' (as in have sex) and changing the popular phrase would just stray the idea even more ..

thanks for all the comments guys


Great Idea, decent design, but I think the illustration could be better...And i'm not exactly feeling the color scheme


coill - it's not heterosexist.

But regardless, though this is nicely executed, there's no way you'll ever get a necrophilia based design printed.

Nice try though.


whoaaaa..... Morbid.

ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Artist

interesting ei? i never saw it til now though :)
thanks for the share they do look alike 'cept it isnt necrophilia.. cheers :D

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