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staffell profile pic Alumni

Great concept and great design.

However, step 7) should absolutely, most definitely read

Get tie caught in shredder" (or grinder/combine harvester/[insert machine with similar destructive power as previous].

I think it would be more fitting.

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

Awesome, haha. I laughed and then chuckled. Great as always. I hope you get to laugh to the bank on this one.

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

i totally need this
5$ it!

Alex M. Solefish

different font--plain old times new roman, perhaps? 4, otherwise. :)

maybe now you can work on the bow ties. they always seemed more difficult to tie.

spires profile pic Alumni

That's a bad knot. I'd not go so far as to burn the tie though. I love ties. Lovely diagram!


visually, it looks like there is too many steps (maybe one). like, if i want anyone to actually be able to see the funniness of the shirt, i have to stand exactly like the models.

perhaps i should start practicing now. akimbo

mezo profile pic Artist

Alex- the font is not Times, but it is Vendome. I thought a serif/classier font worked best.

Kristy! You've spotted my inspiration! (That commercial was for StarterĀ® hats) Old chicks UNITE.

Thanks for the comments, folk.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

this would be so handy!

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

First, I think its awesome, but there are a couple of things...oh you know you deserve this :)

While it probably suits the look of a diagram best, im not used to mezo subs with a single line weight. It also makes the hands look a bit messy. I also wonder why you didnt make the numbers in a uniform position all the way through the design.

Still a 5$, because its got nice colors, it makes me feel warm inside (because I set my tie on fire while wearing it), and overall its still very well drawn.

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

awesome! and handy... $5


$5! I love the final step! It took the cake.


I usually burn the tie halfway through the tying process, but I should have waited until I was done before I burned it. I feel like I've learned something today. 5$

hogboy profile pic Alumni

swweeet.... NOW I get how to put on a tie....$5

grayehound profile pic Alumni

I almost missed the last step, but then title caught me, then I saw the last step, then I saw it was from you. I totally would wear this.

R_G profile pic Alumni

nice and usefull!

BasicShift profile pic Alumni

What I love about this sub is its subtle finger in the face of "the man" approach. I think it invites the viewer to look more closely after being intrigued by the instructional diagrams for the tie, and thats when the fun happens!



Wouldn't it be even more usefull if the text was mirrored? ^^ then you could read it while tie-ing..

jublin profile pic Alumni

so THIS is why you wanted me to model? i thought it was just so you could check out my guns. I bet you wanted to check out sick ass neck and delicately structured finger bones.

yeah... i just said finger bones. GET USED TO IT!
oh and do i even have to say it?

yes i do. 0 and no buy.

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

yes yes yes, i need this


really cool.. i like it.. i'd buy it


awesome, i like the idea of it getting caught in a shredder. seems to fit the story better.


YES!!! I hate ties. I absolutely despise them, and I hope that they make this shirt so I can get one for my dad, who absolutely hates ties too...


I'd like this design on a tie.


Ha, I love it, especially the burning part!
And now i finaly learned how to make a tie! lol
5 and $


i'd like it more if there weren't the directions and just the pictures.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Great stuff as always Steph. $5 & a x.


who hoo. 5$ even on the blue


I agree that there should be no text. Simplicity rules! Great concept, Ms. Mezo.

Lupencia profile pic Alumni

Excellent! This would have been great when I was is school and had to wear that horrible uniform with a tie, ugh. 5$


cool.. I think without text would be best.


sehr awesomeness $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

as soon as i read this, I started thumbing through my memory banks and started rappin "First you twist the hat....then you SLAM the hat!" That i think is the funniest part of this entire endevour mezo! lol. This is ultra fitting for me since I had to put a tie on recently for the first time in years and had actually forgot how to do so! I think no text would make it even better though..and I am a major text defender around these parts. Nice work!

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

ack! I missed this, it turned out great... damn, it's about time you get another print.

chisafer profile pic Alumni

i think it's coming.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

Good!!! I like how you used different verbs. Drape it, cross it, twist it, groove it, flip it, knot it, BUY IT!


Love it! Good colors, too!

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