Throw Out The Memory

Design by huebucket

Throw Out The Memory by huebucket on Threadless
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Nice - rockin' the hot pink and red.


Oh my god YES. I want those tights hahha. $5

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

good idea and like most of your illustration have such floating in space,,,wonderful! $5

Kojima profile pic Alumni

Very hip! Nice dance moves.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Nice work, as usual!! I'm pretty sure that phone is from the 80s, rest for the weary. I think I've seen it in an 80's movie before.

Maybe to give it more of an 80's feel, you could use more of the bright, outrageous colors that was in style back then. Regardless, this still gets a 5!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This is like the 80's version of the Lupe Fiasco "Food and Liquor" cover, which equates to pure infactuawesomeness in my book. Steller colors and capturing the 80's that we all loved but wished we could now forget. 4$

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