Through the Vents

Design by invisibleelement

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Ava Adore

love it!, my fav for this comp


really nice... i like it a lot!

Pacifique profile pic Alumni

I can see this getting printed. I can't say I'm too fond of all the Eisley submissions, but this is one I would actually wear.


This would be great just on its own, not necessarily for the competition.


Reminds me of my college apartment, and the pot-head boys next door.
Good memories, great shirt, love the designer!


WOW. 5$$. great colors, great design. agree with matildaben

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I'd definately buy this.

Lets see if we can make it 3 for 3, eh?


i didn't know he had won anything, personally

and good design needn't take years, folks. DESIGN is DESIGN, it doesn't have to be a labored-over drawing, there are entirely different components to design!! than there are in other fields of art.

whether it took 5 minutes or 5 months, if it looks good, appeals to the eye, draws attention, keeps it, and communicates well the idea behind it, then it's a successful design

NOT just if hours and hours were spent upon it. time spent usually improves any work of art, but in design, the simplest, two-minute throw-together piece with a strong idea and strong execution can be better-effective than is the 3-month labored-over intricate work of art that took a lot of effort but is just too busy or distracting.

not that intricacy is not well-rewarded when executed correctly, either. the point in design is, again, execution, NOT time spent.

i'm honestly sick of hearing the "5 minute" thing, even on the designs that i scored 2 or below.

invisibleelement profile pic Artist


My thoughts exactly... just didnt really feel the need to explain it.
Couldn't have said it better myself , amandaw!
Appreciate it much.

Cheers -

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

bigger vent?


as an addendum, I don't know if this submission fits Eisley's style exactly, but since LovesThreadless entries are also eligible for the main contest, I think this has a good chance of a win. And, sorry invisibleelement, I'd like to see it win, but I have a few other designs in the Eisley competition I'd rather see win first, so let's just hope you make it in the main competition ;)


It does feel very Shins-like, but not in the bad way. Bueno Trabajo.

invisibleelement profile pic Artist

True, it is more literal but I don't think that is a bad thing. Thank all of you for your great vocal opinions... keep them coming.

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