Through the lens of a child

Design by DesignbyProxy

Through the lens of a child by DesignbyProxy on Threadless
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This is a collab between BCrider and Martiandrivein.

The process will be simulated for the bubbles and a screen for the linework.

The idea is based on the rules of Lomography, with the added innocence of a child's view on life.

Visit BCrider's Flickr for beautiful photography.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Really nice mixed media piece...i agree with turbolucy a bit tho, maybe a few more smaller bubbles around the bigger ones to kind of make the transition a bit less obvious? Nice placement too, good work guys!


It's up! Thanks for the flickr shout-out, Rolf. :)

Thanks for the comments, guys!!!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i really like this but my only qualm is that those bubbled photos don't look as if they could have been taken by lomo cameras - but maybe it's just because the only lomos i had were the coloursplash and supersampler and they nearly always took really grainy and blurred and saturated images.

i really like the way the kid is drawn though and how the bubble is emerging.


Thanks, Ginette. :) My super secret (okay, so it's not) is that the pictures WEREN'T taken with a lomo camera. We wanted them to look fisheyed.

I like the way the bubble's coming out, also.

abeadle profile pic Alumni



THe photos are cool, then I scrolled down, and the child doesn't fit with the rest of it.

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