Through The Ages

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Through The Ages by mindtrance on Threadless
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This is my take on the ghost of Christmas past, present and future... There has been many gods worshiped throughout civilization during the time we call Christmas... I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

detailed version at

mindtrance profile pic Artist

I don't really care about it FA, he's never subbed a design and has an average score of 0.81 for 468 subs scored so obviously he's not much of a critic :)


Horus ftw!!! i like the concept for sure

mindtrance profile pic Artist

I think it might end up being a resub, the drawings of the ghosts themselves need more work but I was on a time crunch.. I started/finished this 2 hours before it was due.


i think you should go back and take your time on the details and then re-sub it, also i would suggest making the robots face more complex.

dacat profile pic Alumni

I dig the halftone colors, nice one!

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