Thrill of the Chase

Design by craquehaus

Thrill of the Chase by craquehaus on Threadless
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The hunt is on.


big foot has terrorized the tropical jungles for far to long...


I love this idea, it really makes me laugh - I think the gray tones are too close in value though, so it gets kind of muddy and nothing really sticks out from farther away ...

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@stellaciel Check out a larger version here and let me know if you feel the same way.


Hmm, I don't quite understand the tee, someone please explain?

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Step one, find the details.


GIANT ZEBRA!!!!!! @colorhappy: The tee is a collage of stock images that are put together in a seemingly random way to depict a story. The Kind Lady, atop her Valiant Zebra Steed, is in the middle of a high-speed, possibly lethal chase, trying to evade the Dread Lord's Surveillance Helicopter. Riding on the Helicopter is a highly skilled (and highly paid) assassin whose sole mission at the moment is to take the Kind Lady out. The Dread Lord believes that the Lady, his wife, was having an affair with the Valiant Zebra ranch owner, Hal, and so paid the assassin to track her down. The Lady was not engaged in any affair, although her choice of getaway vehicle does seem to cast doubt on her innocence. Will the Kind Lady reach a safe haven in time? Or will the Dread Lord's money paid to the Assassin ensure his blind vengeance on her so-called "trespasses of love?" Only time will tell.
Anyways, that's my interpretation of the shirt. 5$

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^This makes me happy. And you didn't even mention Bigfoot.

(FYI, I don't use "stock images" so much as public domain and other rights-independent imagery.)


That's what i mean when I say stock haha, And I'm glad it made you happy! ;)


And I didn't even see Big Foot! I'm lame! He would have figured HUGELY in my narrative...


Cool!!! Love it!!!!....

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Me too buddy. Me too.

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