Three Times the Crazy

Design by jpiatt

Three Times the Crazy by jpiatt on Threadless
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mezo profile pic Alumni

Bowtie is great..but far too big. Reduce it by 50% or so so it still anchors the design instead of pull attention away.

3D option is great! The face is brilliant!


sonmi profile pic Alumni

haha this guy is so creepy. i took out my 3d glasses to look at this and the guy's glasses looked all crazy.

Big Ed

I agree with Aristarchus. It hurts my eyeballaroonies.

tesco profile pic Alumni

god damn, you took my advice! for that you get a 5

jpiatt profile pic Artist

HELL YEAH! Thanks tesco!
After I tried it, I couldn't go back.

jpiatt profile pic Artist

yeah...I see that now. Infact, it was higher up before I started messing with it. That could be changed.

Ava Adore

nicely done


very nice, i would wear it!

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