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Design by jewel947



there are other ways to show some singularity arts


I like it best on the pastel yellow. :-)

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I believe you my good man. This idea is something i can see people having done before, but i really like your execution of it. The colors on charcoal, the original big verison of it, would look the best.


The redundant comments on this design are unnecessary and asinine. The images are hardly alike and the bat/bird connection isn't an uncommon or farfetched one. Anyone who's seen or read Stellaluna can make the connection.

Fantastic design, Jewel. I'll totally buy it if it gets printed. :D

(sorry for the double-post, I didn't close my link bracket, gah.)


Intentionally ripping off someone's art is not cool -- but I don't think that's happened here. Sorry, but birds on a line are such a common idea and it's not much of a stretch to see a design like this, completely apart from seeing it somewhere else.
Plus, it's clearly done in this artist's own style... and quite honestly, there're lots of parodies on popular characters on here and other places... if they're from the artist's own hand, there's not much anyone can do about it...

all in all it's a cute design 4.


$5. This is lovely and reminded me of the story of Stellaluna (a little fruit bat who gets lost and lives with birds for awhile). The story is all about seeing similarities in beings different from oneself, and I loved that this shirt reminded me of it. Charcoal is probably the only color I would buy it on.

The bemused bird's countenance speaks for itself, so perhaps the question mark is not needed, but I don't think that it detracts hugely from the design.


Aw I love it! I'd buy it, especially since the first book I ever read when I was little was Stellaluna :)


get over it. if you think this is the first person who drew something that somebody else drew, you'd be sadly mistaken.

it's adorable.

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I would like to see these people claiming this is a rip PROVE to us that the artist intentionally referenced that devArt piece when making this sub.

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