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Nice concept, but I can't see it flying.


is ugly and cluttered one of the criteria? if yes, spot on!


Dude what? I gave up halfway through your explanation.


I find the design itself quite interesting as it's a nice mish-mash of random objects, but if it was meant to be understandable as a 'critique', even to the Threadless community, it's too much to take in. I dig it though, first time I've seen someone do this.

The Jolly Brewer

I think this is a great idea and well executed. A bit too specific to threadless perhaps, and unlikely to be printed as a result, but I like it. I'm going to give you a $5 because I would wear it. Good effort.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

I'm trying to read 3 words more everytime the explanation runs by. Presentation is a bit fast. Interesting concept.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Well, BobbyAssderson, if you take time and click that "hold a sec" word then you have a pause button.


I like it. Just change some words. Docter Docter should be Doctor Doctor and jawn should be yawn


I love the meta, but the execution needs work.


this is a great concept piece.

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