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This shirt is the BOMB by jett300 on Threadless
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jett300 profile pic Artist

these are the blueprints to make your very own bomb! enjoy!


Nice art, bad idea.


I think you'll find that most homeland security organisations have a different sense of humor to yours.


lol. nice, but the font choice for the back is not one i would use.
airports would probably have you taken out of your plane. xD

jett300 profile pic Artist

ya for sure i mean come on im 15 and i figured it out... seriously all i did is googled it. i'll work on the closer view for it. the back has the formulas for some explosions, i thought they were pretty cool lol.


it is pretty sweet


I'd be too afeared of wearin' this 'un. Get tackled by burley security agents and sheet.

jett300 profile pic Artist

the diagram is suppose to be like old blueprint type and the back is like the scientist wrote it down on the back of the shirt so he could remember it.


good title and concept but no thanks!

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