This Plane is on Fire

Design by cameron kim jones

This Plane is on Fire by cameron kim jones on Threadless
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cameron kim jones
cameron kim jones profile pic Artist

After a lot of sweat, blood and tears (plus a couple of cups of tea) this design is finally where I want it. 5 colours, could work well on Cream or any other lighter coloured shirt.

No awards for guessing what band I was listening to while designing this. I think this design works quite well on a T-shirt, especially if worn around airports and on international flights.

Cool Banana's,


ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni



awesome fire style

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'd like this a bunch better without the parachute dudes cheapening the graphic, and just have a plane streaking trough the sky in multi-colored fire, making something beautiful out of an inevitable tragedy.

alexmdc profile pic Staff
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awesome work dude!

supertrooper74 profile pic Alumni

I agree with FRICKINAWESOME. If it were just the plane, maybe at the bottom corner or even wrapped around, and the flames (which are nicely done) took up most of the shirt, it would be awesome. The parachute guys aren't as good of quality, and they are distracting. Not everything needs a punchline.

cameron kim jones
cameron kim jones profile pic Artist

What about placing them on the bottom of the reverse?


I like the little guys on it. Just having a flaming plane on a shirt is a bit grim to having someone ODing on my shirt.

supertrooper74 profile pic Alumni

I think you should ditch the guys, and just have the streak of flames going all the way across the front, diagonally, and wrapping a round, with the plane on the back, near the bottom.


I would like it better with the parachute people on the back near the bottom. I like how the flames are on the sleeve too. Can the flames also wrap around some?


haha! cool design!


definitely put the little guys on the back.


true, on the back, or side would do better
its cool like that too

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

Who was the band you were listening to? Skynard?
I like the design. I would also say lose the speech bubbles, but i love the look of the plane

cameron kim jones
cameron kim jones profile pic Artist

Nah, I was listening to a little bit of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and some John Denver too. But the reference in the title was to Kings of Leon.

Cheers all fro a tip top score.

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