This Knight Might Not Make His Flight

Design by RyanCox

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Pretty good, though I agree about adding an archway metal detector and moving them around so there's a bit more depth. Also, maybe have a piece of his armour showing from behind the shield, so it doesn't look like it's all evaporated except the helmet, sword and shield?


I love the concept as well, but I would prefer a different color. I'll still go $4

The Jolly Brewer

I'm mostly liking the Union Jack pants, good work on that one!


Funneee, but that yellow is is blargh.


The dark colors seem too dark, and I'm not a fan of yellow at all. Maybe slightly smaller design?


Maybe change it so the knight is walking through the... uh... whatchamacallit... walk-thru metal detector. I just don't like the table, shield, and sword.

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