This is not a tee

Design by Berrijuse

This is not a tee by Berrijuse on Threadless
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Berrijuse profile pic Artist

This design is sort of a tribute with a twist to Rene Magritte's "This is not a pipe".

Having a picture of a tee, saying this is not a tee, while being on a tee, adds a whole new dimension to the idea ;)

Berrijuse profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments :)

The font is called Kaufmann.

I did not know about that one tracerbullet - but while the inspiration may have been the same, I think/hope my design is different enough to make a cool tee on its own.

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

i agree


Cute, I agree with mchera, the shadow really is the icing on the cake.


i love this.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

While i don't agree this is at all the same concept as the already printed Magritte tribute, I don't think Threadless is going to print another shirt that pays tribute in this style to that piece. It's a nice double comment on the homage, so maybe submit to other places? Good luck with it!


I just have to add, as an art student: Rene Magritte's painting is actually titled "The treacher of images" and not "This is not a pipe", even though that it what it says on the painting.

Berrijuse profile pic Artist

Thanks for clarifying Silent-T (it's been a while since I studied art history).

I'm lovin all the comments and advice, this is my first submission, so keep em coming!


it's cute, but i totally didn't get it until the "i love anything to do with golf" comment

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

Clever. We need more designs referencing surrealist art.
how about 'The persistance of mammaries?' If anyone does that i will buy it.

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