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Design by reinert

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reinert profile pic Artist

The one who's flying with the "filmplane" is me. This is my city. And it's part of my Life.

Graphics :: The combination of the cameras & films' sketch-out to build up the city of Lomography. Yes, colorful is representing Lomo too.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i really wish the lines were cleaner and more precise. this looks like the beginning of something good but it doesn't seem finalized.


Wow. That is just an awesome display of some serious artistic skillz.

reinert profile pic Artist

Thank you very much everyone :-)
I hope you guys like it too!
and yeah, this is my sketching style from what I've learned from college few years back ago.

bunnypistol69 : oh kawan, rekabentuk saya dah hantar sebelum engkao punya Lets Go Lomo keluar di sini. LOL! good luck to your design too :)

reinert profile pic Artist

Thank you again!

Tell me more about this :-)

walmazan profile pic Alumni

love it!


Quote comment of bunnypistol69 :

"tahi ayam! peniru besa.. bodoh! msti dpt ilham dari Lets Go Lomo!( wow really great.. it must be better than Lets Go Lomo!)"

he/she was writing is indonesian.... means chicken shit! Big immitater.. stupid! blabla bla....

pls don write something like this bunnypistol69.
if u're not happy with it just say out. be a man.

anyway REINERT. i love ur design! Keep it UP! =)

reinert profile pic Artist

Hey shuz5, haha! I actually understand he wrote there. No worries, I like the way he is. Cool!

Thank you very much!
Are you from Indonesia? Well, I might be your neighbor :-)


oh cool! hahaha...
i'm from malaysia actually.
great design, great effort! keep it up!


i was being sarcastic.

reinert profile pic Artist

Hey yo! Thank you!

reinert profile pic Artist

Thank millyging! I hope too :)

reinert profile pic Artist

Thank you, i know very little about art & turbolucy!

I really hope you guys like it!! :-)

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