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This Is A... by asher27 on Threadless
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mezo profile pic Alumni

Very nice design! Love the way you've rendered the fork handle best.

asher27 profile pic Artist

miakala on Jul 05 '06
Pretty clever, I must say. I always thought that a "fork" was supposed to be two spike things, similar to the phrase "fork in the road". Still, very creative. I'd definitely buy it.

you know, ive always wondered that as well. well, there are some forks that are actually forks, you know, the ones that you stab a steak with to but it on the grill.

thanks for all the lovely comments!

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni



i think the joke is that you hold a fork with the tines arching down from your hand, if the fork is up then you end up using it like a spoon and your also more likely to accidentally jab someone, i can well imagine a prissy parent saying "that's not a fork, that's a trident, now hold it the right way round."


i mean as well as the prongs thing, obviously, i'm not a muppet -

i quite like fish forks...

asher27 profile pic Artist

mdefabbo - i drew this before i saw the this is not a pipe. when my art teacher (this was originally in my sketchbook, pen + ink converted to vector) saw it she showed me the this is not a pipe because she thought it was cool that it was similar.

thanks for all the comments!

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