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this ends now by mainial on Threadless
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xraysucks profile pic Alumni

Awesome! $5

Binxent profile pic Alumni

Great! 5


great!! +5


Awesome! $5


Classic Stuff huh!!

MEKAZOO profile pic Alumni



5! awesome


Classic Hulk kicking some ass!!!! love this design so retro!!!! 5++++

soloyo profile pic Alumni



The Hulk of this design is traced to "Hulk Savage statue" Bowen designs, the artist Sculpted by: Khurram Alavi (digital sculptor) Manufactured with license Marvel ... is unoriginal.

melmike profile pic Alumni

Wah? The guy makes an incredible illustration based on a model and you call him out for tracing? Get real. This is a 5!


You can not deny that you've traced this photo on the figure, the figures also have copyright, in this case a threadless may not know the existence of this officially licensed Marvel figure, but could've done the same starting from a drawing fully yours ... but chosen as tracing the fast lane .. original work specified rules ... this original is not expensive ...

mainial profile pic Artist

zulem ok no problem, maybe I'm wrong .. possibly could so I took a very general reference, excuse me, I need references because I'm not the creator of the character hulk.but I'm not tracing, I can drawing it for with a pencil or pen.and if I want to peel all the artworks that has been print, even so many took of the photos circulating on i think you have nice job!you're not wrong, keep your duty as a Detective Of Design.MAKE PEOPLE TOBE WRONG :D


I understand that you have found this annoying because you copied the picture, I understand that his work would seem much better if I had not discovered this picture of the figure, but bad luck, probably I will be more original and many of the artists coming up designs no copy of a photo or other artwork, and make their own version, assured that if I see something like it will comment also, I understand that threadless staff may not know things like that, do not have to know everything, but if the other users we can help you see these irregularities better for upcoming contests ;)

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