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woulda been better if it was 47!

mayor mccheese

No, you're not alone. Im in my 30s - does that mean im too old to get this?

rtoyota profile pic Artist

No real meaning. I like the number seven and thought a flowing seven would look neat on the front of a shirt. I thought a simple seven would look boring, so I added the number three to make it thirtyseven. There's also a tad of spiritual significance, but for the most part it's just a random number that I think also happens to look cool.

See more detail and explanation here.

Kojima profile pic Alumni

nice 3D effect


37? I think someone is harboring a secret love for Kevin Smith movies.. just kidding. Very nice!

herky profile pic Alumni

lovely colors, nice work


37, i get it!

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

In a row?

tesco profile pic Alumni

dont like the lens flare or the drop shadow, but that leaves it pretty boring. I appreciate the sentiment.

Sliced Bread

In a row?

I knew this number sounded familiar...

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