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Two Fish
Two Fish profile pic Artist

A visual metaphor gets an update... Good idea from the past vs. Better idea now. 3 Colors, no specialty inks or methods.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

I like the style, not much the design itself, keep subbing!

And what's wrong with berads? This would be a better world if everyone grew beards.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

I third that statement!


Weird. I really like this design. Oh, well, no accounting for taste.


walmazan profile pic Alumni

nice style!

briancook profile pic Alumni

Great style, great concept but not so sure about the design. Keep stuff coming though, I hope to see you around for a while.

briancook profile pic Alumni

I had a CFL bulb submission not long ago though, so I'm sort of partial to them.


I really like your style, and I hope you sub some more!!

Two Fish
Two Fish profile pic Artist

Hmmm - they don't take time to warm up. The work just like the old ones, only more efficiently.

Hazmat's kind of a stretch - and I don't think they're made by the government (at least in the US).

It's all good : ) - it was a simple idea. Thanks for the comments, all!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

DYurchuk, come off it. it doesn't matter what a person's rating is. if you honestly base your own scoring method on what a designer's rating score is you are severely biased.
there's a lot of bad designs submitted here and i don't think this guy's score is as off the mark as yours is.

Two Fish
Two Fish profile pic Artist

Thanks ginetteginette. I simply rate them as I see them. I usually give a $5 if I think it's something Threadless will print and I'd wear it. I give a $4 if I think they'll print it, but it's not my thing. I give it a 3 or a 2 if the idea is great and the execution isn't quality, or vice versa. A 1 is given if it's got merit, but in my opinion it just won't ever get printed. A zero is for those really bad ones - you know which ones I'm talking about...


I would like it even if it was just the kid with the new bulb. I think it makes the point you're going for. Maybe it's just the old guys facial hair that's creeping me out.


I like how you made the hair transparent

I don't mind the existence of the new bulbs, but I'm ticked
off that there are some in Congress trying to force us to
use only those bulbs by 2014. If people want to use them, fine.
Just don't make it against the law to use the regular ones.

CSPAN video of a speech by a Congressman against the
new bulbs and against how Congress is forcing them on us

Two Fish
Two Fish profile pic Artist

Wow. There are a lot of opinions on these little bulbs. I was not thinking there would be a firestorm of comments from my design.

For the record, they work just like normal bulbs - sometimes better. They are amazingly more efficient. Just like all bulbs and thermometers, it's bad to break one and let your kids or pregnant wife play in the shards. It's also bad if Congress makes us use something we don't want to, even if it means making a significant difference to energy consumption, providing a better future for our kids with neurological problems. Oh and LED lights are better.

JK. I respect everyones opinions. Had I known I might have shelved the design. Thanks for your comments and your vote.


I like your style and have no comment about the lightbulb ;)

yebkamin profile pic Alumni

That's great idea for a shirt, I would totally buy it

olie! profile pic Alumni


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