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She Says So

i thought this was suggesting that alien fuel/pee pee is whisky.

Big Ed

I got the drip thing. It's funny. I didn't think it was pee, for the record, illustrator person. And I never get anything, so that's saying something.


heh well maybe that's saying something bad then! :)


It looks like the aliens stopped at the
Earth exit and urinated in the drink
glass and are back on their way.

Just hook the ship up to the straw
and have the straw full of whiskey.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

perefct, another great design... I can't see why ppl don't get this.

.onion profile pic Alumni

kind of a weird position... eh, it just doesn't look like a refueling, sorry >.>;

never profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments. My original had the ufo directly over the glass and was attached to the straw. i changed it because it wasn't dynamic enough. it seemed boring. doing it this way created movement and made it more interesting to me.

Robsoul: thanks. i also don't see why this is so hard to get.


i still think he's peeing in the drink.


addendum: what if the ufo was flying away with the straw attached to him? then it's clearer, plus, you know, there aren't aliens peeing in my drink.


wouldn't it be funny if the ship started to act drunk or crashed?

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