They're Just Machines

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They're Just Machines by valorandvellum on Threadless
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Gawd it's beautiful. I'm still pissed that they haven't printed "It's been a pleasure".


valor is getting risqueeeeee and im likin it, i like it, i love it, i want some more of it! $5!

cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

This is great! The red accents are great and I really love your title too!

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

hmm I actually really dig what's going on in the background, I see that as being it's own shirt. The mechanical winged deer are well executed but hmmm. .... maybe instead of mechanical, they were real bones, no targets and no wings, and then the spirits in the background emminating from the bones. Just a thought.

Still a 4 for great technical skill.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I lied, I gave you a 5


giggedy giggedy giggedy $5


I love this take on the BBH theme. Nightmarish and beautiful $5


wow :)
awesome title

valorandvellum profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments, everyone! At first I actually did consider making them just skeletons, but then I realized I wanted to give a slightly different impression... rather, to make it seem like it's ok to go ahead and shoot. In order to do this I had to make them seem less organic (and more mechanic). Also, I wanted the overall feel to be pretty creepy/nightmarish as most of the shoot 'em video games often have that feel. Mostly, I wanted to describe the semi-recent phenomena where people feel like it's ok to do anything they want when it's on a screen and not in "reality". On a side note, I actually do enjoy playing games like that on occassion so this is targetting me just as much as anybody else.

Sorry for the longwindedness!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i really love the two different styl techniques use in this! those snaky deer phantoms are great. it is very creepy!! in a way i'm reminded of those skeleton reindeers in the nightmare before christmas, so when i look at those, i can hear the sounds of them clacking their jaws together!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

omg i can't type! style used



bananaphone profile pic Alumni

i think the targets actually weaken the design personally, I don't think the concept is that strong that it communicates well enough to keep them.

valorandvellum profile pic Artist

@ bananphone: I can definitely see that. But I was also afraid that people would lose the sense that you're supposed to shoot the deer (and I didn't want to lose the whole point of the design). Since it's a shirt and you only have about a second to communicate your idea, I went with someone a little more obvious. Oh, and congrats on your new print, by the by!


once again, what the hell?

yes, the deers with wings are just machines...

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

Great per usual v&v. Different approach in style and interpertation. I like the "ghosties" in the background. They somehow give the robotic ones soul. Purple definetly.


this reminds me of harry know those one creatures that where inside out?

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

i like the shadows a lot! dark grey! 5$

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

1.92? You've got to be kidding me. That's crap.

cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

: ( 1.92?

cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

This design deserves MUCH higher.

abeadle profile pic Alumni



This design is a-fucking-mazing. I am shocked by the score.
Print it and I will buy and wear it proudly!

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