They were friends

Design by Glennz

They were friends by Glennz on Threadless
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xenhook profile pic Alumni

Arg! I was going to submit a visual with crows and a scarecrow! (but at night...) Very nice otherwise!

grayehound profile pic Alumni

I dunno. Not your strongest work, Glenn, which is saying quite a bit considering your successes here. The concentric rings focus the emphasis dead in the middle and there isn't much going on there of interest. It's just well done, but kinda boring.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

dude this is ill! im loving it.


great colors! I wouldn't buy it, though. I already want enough of your stuff and I can do without this one. :D


I like scarecrows. Try using one colour for the sun, maybe a little more reddish, although that would make it look scarier and I don't think that was your idea. Cute nevertheless.


It's good, but the birds, man -- the birds.

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