They Live!

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They Live! by Robsoul on Threadless
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Robsoul profile pic Artist

B-Movie midnight madness. Either on charcoal with vintage, tonal greys or on black with psychedelic pop colors. A little distressing on the graphic may look good too.


I would do a huge all over print with the wild colors. They sell this one. Perfect for the comp.

andyg profile pic Alumni


Robsoul profile pic Artist

hmmm... glow-in-the-dark white ink on the vintage/charcoal one might be a good idea... just thought of that after seeing some other awesome GID designs.


I love the vintage tonal greys best but the purple one looks great too! I would actually by one in both so I hope you can print both types! I also like the idea of glow in the dark for the yellow parts.

However I really don't like the clown robot thing. The tee shirt is perfect without it!

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

nice one rob!

Ava Adore

great! $5
love the charcoal one


the robot's head is full of detail, but its body goes all flat

the skeleton guy's head is great, but his chest cavity has only 6 ribs?

it just doesn't seem finished, especially when compared to
your other design, Beezlebub

Robsoul profile pic Artist



Awww I missed that printing :( Although they only printed it on a chocolate tee, and I really liked it here, both on black with the glowly white, and in the striking colour. Still, I'm sad I missed it :/

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