There's always money...

Design by Mr. Fre

There's always money... by Mr. Fre on Threadless
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Mr. Fre
Mr. Fre profile pic Artist

A silly joke for all the Arrested Development fans out there (:


YES. Arrested Development FTW. $5


cool! :D

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

haha, i got the joke before reading your explanation, but it's a bit too obscure and direct for a Threadless tee methinks. The best pop culture references on Threadless are usually much broader and just work with the idea of those pc properties, but i do enjoy this. It might be easier for people of the show to get if you had written "my STAND is full of money!"


gee...i clicked this just because of the title. if i had this shirt i'd be like: "NO TOUCHING!"


there's always money in the banana stand!!! agree with frickinawesome though... still hahahaaa!!

aled profile pic Alumni

There was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars lining the walls of the banana stand.

ounom profile pic Alumni
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d3d profile pic Alumni

without the show it'd be hilariously random. i actually think it'd be funnier if i didn't get it.

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

i wasnt a huge follower of the show so my first thought is "thats one smelly banana" if you know what i mean ;)

Mr. Fre
Mr. Fre profile pic Artist

Thanks for your comments, guys!


Where the fuck are my hard-boiled eggs!!!

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