Their day WILL come...

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Their day WILL come... by stickymike on Threadless
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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Mike, posting a res image is not a good idea, it will end up on a tee in Thialand guaranteed.

Awesome work, love the skull and, ofcourse, Mr. Roach.

herky profile pic Alumni

haha, the mighty roach will never die, it is immortal! I've never owned a shirt with a roach on it, but this could be the first for me $5

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

This is Marvelous 5$

Frank Vice

great stuff, welcome back! $5



ysy101 profile pic Alumni


jublin profile pic Alumni

this is sick! you know? hey it went up pretty fast didn't it? oh hum hum!

print this shiz


damn roaches are eyeing the indestructable twinkies
awesome sub

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

effing love this mike .. hilarious


fuckin right, keep the text, awesome!! good job, love the robe, cigar, and drink! Red wine or brandy?? hmmm

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Actually, just zoom in on a specific area, that way the don't have the full image. Sorry you have to worry about such things.


awesome, I would like a more off center asymetrical placement though

franx profile pic Alumni


FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

i love how big the roach monocle is! He must own a world-wide chain of roach motels to have such a nice smoking jacket and brandy. Fantastique...4$


Fantastic! 5!


this is awesome dude, good comeback :)


creepy and awesome

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

I like how unknowns are reamed for making "yet another" skull design but this guy is getting commended. Methinks there is some exclusivity going on here. I do happen to like it but I just find the whole thing a little suspect.


dude you should use some gold foil to accent his rich demeanor. :)


is this your glove? Would you like some more champanya?

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

Johnny was a tractor pull enthusiast. Since he was 7 he spent every waking moment watching tractor pulls on the telly, reading Tractor Pull Weekly, and staging his own tractor pulls with his Huffy. He loved it with all his heart. Johnny dreamed of the day he could be like his hero, Borgal Von Hoppakahn, 8 time World Tractor Pull Champion. The dream finally started to feel like reality when Johnny received his first tractor on his 9th birthday.

Day and night he rode, pulling everything in sight. Trashcans, puppies, his brother greg... nothing was out of the question when it came to this. One day, Johnny was walking past a closed down Sizzler when he noticed a flyer hanging on the lightpost. "Tractor Pull for 9 Year Olds! Be Like Borgal Von Hoppakahn!" This was it. Johnny knew this was his chance to finally live his dream.

So the big day came... surrounded by cheering desperate single parents, Johnny hopped on his tractor and pulled like he'd never pulled before. He pulled the haystacks. He pulled the bleachers. He pulled the sun just a little bit closer. The crowd was wild in excitement.

It was all over. Johnny was on top of the world. "3rd place goes to... Rico McLankanbak!" said the announcer, "2nd place goes to... Mablo Boogleflab!" he continued, "And 1st place, for the prize of $5 goes to... Stickymike!"

Johnny couldnt believe it... his dream was ruined. So he locked himself in his room watched nothing but 90s teen horror movies, never to be seen again.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

impossiblejosh: I like how your first reason was that you missed him. Because that changes the design somehow, you're right. Gosh you schooled me. I recant my statement. Favoritism is definitely a reason for doling out high scores.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

stickymike: I'm not knocking your design at all. I happen to judge designs based on whether they are good or not, not whether the theme has been explored a lot at any one given time. I just feel sorry for the poor noobs that haven't been "missed" by people, know what I mean?


I really like everything about your illustrations, I just really hate cockroaches. Living in the South for your college years will do that to a person.

I'm not personally going to buy it, but it deserves a good score anyway. ::thumbsup::

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Oh man... that cockroach... perfection!


Woss profile pic Alumni




teeheeheehee excellent.
good to see you subbing again. i wondered if you were dead.

this is great,
even though i had to pick up a giant dying roach earlier today with a piece of paper and honestly almost threw up.



wullagaru profile pic Alumni

boo and hiss at that score for realz


I love this design, and hope Threadless print it!


Why was this not printed? A travesty I tell you.


it's not just a skull it's a fucking roach man... if it was a roach... smoking a roach... perhaps using roachclips... and saying far out man, and eating a brownie... it might just work!


I love this! Print print printy print.

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