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Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Brilliant concept perfect for the theme, and wonderfully illustrated. Doesn't get better than this.

BasicShift profile pic Alumni

Great illustration as always Mr. Rocks -- I love the colors and halftones!


Very nice t-shirt

I wish there was a rack on the front to hold
the guy's briefcase which is against his shins
right now. The headlight needs to be clearing
the front fender.

ALIADOTONY profile pic Alumni

In the future when oil runs out the war will be for water...water is the next oil...nice illustration though, im not so sure about a water based motor...i think the future should be about recycling and finding alternative materials to leave the extinted ones alone.


i am a big fan - glad to see another great sub $5


lovely the image, not really a fan of the placement though

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

orsum! 5

d3d profile pic Alumni

pretty awesome. does it run on coffee or just make coffee whilst running? either way i'd take one.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Artist

It makes coffee while running, utilizing the steam emited, but only if the supplied cork is in the secondary exhausted.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

friggin awesome dude!! and nice work on the patterns, that is, besides the excellent style!


I want one! The bike I mean! oh yea, and the design is bloody awesome as usual. How do you do it? I think illustrators who are this clever must have too much time on their hands, drink way too much and not get laid on anything like a regular basis... but I'm just guessing of course.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

oh geesh, amazing illustration, again...
wonderful fills, especially like the arrow creating the groundplane...wonderful stuff

ALIADOTONY profile pic Alumni

i agree

mezo profile pic Alumni

Whoah! Love how you made the smoke! It really looks fluffy & 3 dimensional. Awesome work...yet again.

First I 5 $ you, then I'm gonna punch you in the ovary.

franx profile pic Alumni

the attention to detail is ridiculous!!
great job!


this is so slick! i love the colours and all the detail!! :D

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

love the whole contraption propelling the scooter. Great illustration man!

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and colors.


Haha, I'm watching Fooly Cooly right now so I love this.

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