The Welcome Tee

Design by elleevee

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the Welcome Tee
good for bedrooms, messy bedrooms, camp sites, dormitories, hotels, motels, holiday inns, huts, igloos, caverns, caves and raves.

When your shirt gets dirty just put it on the floor with the rest of your clothes, but this one can go near your door, folded like in the video.

Would be smart to have flocking applied to make it soft on the feet.

A bit about the production of the design...
Heavily influenced by Ted Stauntons 2003 'Floriat' font, although I massacred it almost beyond recognition. Sorry Ted.

My friend Ryan (in the video) directed the piece, I had to cut the ending loop off due to file sizes but the full length high quality version, including additional shirt colours, are on my site if you're interested.

Here are two links for now:

High Resolution Movie (4mb)-

Additional Colour-ways-

I subbed this on the 29th of December so this is the last design of the year for me. Happy New Year!


haha wtf


most creative t-shirt ever made.


I was going to totally write this one off at first glance but seeing your presentation and the thought behind this really sells this. $5 Great job. Really original. Flocking is a must.

Monkey III

whauhahaha -- sick presentation ^^
First I thought you were gonna do that japanese folding trick!

I like the concept more then your execution.


Best presentation ever.


extremely clever, but on first glance i would have given this a very low score, and on second glance i still think this could have been pulled off better. (the word welcome mostly)




Clever idea, the lettering needs to be tighter, the style is too loose for the nature of the design elements.


What Tonteau said.


I like tees in the style of old scrolly labels and print ads. But I wish this design was more intricate. More leaves and scrolls.

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hahaha!very interesting! + awesome presentation! :)


Really clever idea and great presentation...but original concept doesn't always make a great tee. I like more of the idea of this than it actually being a real shirt printed. Still, you get a 3 based on effort of pushing tee boundaries and what is and isn't acceptable to do with them. good job!


Awesome presentation!


I say more "Welcome" and less "intricate-looking mat" and you've got yourself a winner.


i like it as a shirt. along the same lines of "i wear my heart on my sleeve" but "ppl walk all over me," it would be a nice reminder to toughen up.


hahahaha! so cool! $5


Lol! This is a cool idea and awesome presentation. Love it! $5


I think Threadless may go for this as they seem to value originality and novelty of concept above all. Fine job - A 4 from me.


now that's a presentation.


your presentations are always so friggin cool
really dig ur style



People walk all over me, anyway, so why not?! Cute idea.


Very good. I'd like to see it on other colours though. I must say I have no idea how you managed the animation though.

You're insane. :D

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