The weight of the afterworld on my shoulders

Design by A. Square

The weight of the afterworld on my shoulders by A. Square on Threadless
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Luke... profile pic Alumni

haha, i like subtlness


this has been done a few times, but this is by far the cleverest interpretation


Very cute :)


omg i want this so baddd!


Aw snap! Nice nice nice.


Niiiiiice, digging the subtlety (something most designs are sorely lacking here on Threadless). Awesome start, can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve. 4.


this is awesome. Definately something I havent seen submitted before! i love it!


Red or Black. And may I just add, wonderful concept!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Typically I hate this concept....but you've done a nice job with it.
I'm not sold on the angles of the shadows, though, it seems off.

Good work.


Good idea, but I think it'd be a little hard to tell what's going on, actually printed on a shirt. Maybe if the angle the shadows were leaning wasn't quite so drastic, it'd work.


A total $5


i really like it on blue, it gives it a sort of subtle feeling. and i thought that was the point of it, as shadows don't really grab attention too often.

but yeah, i'd buy it on blue.


Oh heck yeah... I have tattoos of my consciences on either shoulder, so this shirt totally appeals to me.

I like the black and the blues best.


This is incredible!! I wish I was that smart. :D $5, fo sho!


Wow... I have been awaiting my first paycheck so I could buy Adobe Suite and design THIS concept that I thought of a few weeks ago, which is totally weird, because it really does show something about collective conscious, but i think you've done a WAY better job than I ever would have. Congratulations and good luck getting printed.


yes great concept =]


nice! it's very creative and fresh. good work, mr. non-artist!! 4$


VERY good! It took me a minute to see it, but when it clicked (I need more coffee), I howled!

Well done!


popped over here from that new version the other guy did. i'd buy both. this is a higher concept. for some reason the angle of the shadows seems slightly off to me, but i'm loving it. well done.

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