The Warriors

Design by huebucket

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Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

we all know you make great illustrations^^ - but you're also the king of composition!!


wowwwww, at least 5$!


Wow. Freakin amazing. All your designs are wonderful. $5!!

The Ending

wow a 3$ from very_copasetic. Never seen that before. Seen a 2$ though :-p

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

great as always... like it on Red... would be interesting to have it printed on the back $5

herky profile pic Alumni

Equally awesome on both colors, $5

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Nice on grey.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

why do i want to make sweet, sweet love to each of your many wonderful tee designs? I wish i could give you an extra point b/c no matter how nice the illustration you produce is, i always look to the right and am amazed at how much better its design works on a shirt, instead of the other way around with so many designs on here! Good work and please keep them coming!


That is impossibly beautiful. Great work, as usual!


Yay Chinese Dragons!!! (The red one is best!)

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

this would be great printed with gold inks

Kojima profile pic Alumni

Excellent flow and detail.


I'm puzzled by the "fan"/"clamshell" pattern above the samurai and within the loop of the dragon's neck. What is its purpose? Whatever it is, it completely dominates what ought to be the focal points of the design: the samurai and the dragon's head. Instead the focal point is the big gold area. It took me a second to even see the dragon's head. It would be a far stronger design if that area was eliminated and the dragon was reversed --solid gold dragon with the linework knocked out. As well, the poor samurai deserves some legs.


the redish colour please

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

SUPER nice 5, this one going to WIN+WIN the 5+5+5 competition ...ROCK!!!!:D


Wow! great looking dragon. It's hard to tell if the dragon is about to attack the warrior or if they are both somehow the same in spirit during battle. Also, the warrior's lack of a lower half makes the design appear to be a work in progress.

Montro profile pic Alumni

yayy for dragon scales!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

This is sure to be printed.


ooh pretty, red


$4. 4 only because I would like to see the samauri's head defined a little bit better with a contrasting color or something. And I'm loving the red.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

This is an amazing design, especially on the red. Kick ass. $5


really good work...
just one question... are those like gradients or something?


As many have pointed out, very well drawn... but the part just north-east of centre is confusing. It took me a full minute to find the dragon's head.


Holy crap the detail makes my head spin!



Wow! Amazing detail and composition. Are you a professional tattoo artist, by any chance?


so cute :)

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