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The Walrus V2

Design by quick-brown-fox

2.49 Avg Score
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472 Votes
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  • 2.49 Avg Score
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quick-brown-fox profile pic Artist
Hello! After getting some feedback on my Walrus design, from here and emptees, I've had a second stab at it. Removed the frame, the people on emptees hated it! Changed the colours, which although authentic, were pretty garish. Drawn over the original vector. (in biro which is my favourite!) Also given it a worn and old feel, and hopefully a bit a quirkiness with the lyric from the song. I'd like to thank ibeenthere, boycey, jebs, maxgillon27, magicalthinklet, .kp, ozf5 etc for their comments and finally alvarejo for giving me the confidence to resubmit.
Maltzmania profile pic Alumni
i'd say no text on heather grey with bottom placement = $5! great stuff this
Resistance profile pic Alumni
yes! no text! its awesome!
Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni
i'd also say no text on heather grey with bottom placement. !!!!
FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
No text I shall be the third to say unless it's fixed up a bit...would also love to see a llittle egg hidden in the outfit somewhere, nice work.
jamesf profile pic Alumni
ha! nice
j'buk, me'boo. Goo-goo b-joob.
d3d profile pic Alumni
i'd keep the text but hand draw it. the phrase makes it that much more absurd and fun. cool idea.
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